Choosing a Bra for a Big Bust for Christmas Day

Full-figured women have a difficult time finding the best-fitting bra for their body type. Traditional retail outlets also do little to help them. However, buying plus-size bras for big breasts should not be that difficult. After all, the most popular bra size is 34DD (34E or 36DD in the U.K.).

So, start by using a bra size chart to figure out the correct measurements. Fit Au Max Lingerie has an in-depth bra sizing video to assist you in shopping discreetly. Then seek fashionable items and well-matched ensembles to build a basic wardrobe. Also, remember that a full-coverage bra for big breasts does not need to be costly. Then follow these three easy guidelines to select the best bra for big bust support:

1.) Look for a large cup-size bra with lift and support.

The first rule is to always check the cup size first. The amount of breast meat a bra can hold is determined by its cup size. As a result, small cups might cause visible spillage and bulge at the bust. That’s why full-figured women need larger cup sizes with lift and support.

The standard cup size for women with large breasts is DD & DDD (DD=E and DDD=F), which measures 40–42 inches. However, there are also G, H, I, and J cups for big breasts. To discover the greatest bra for huge breast-size chests, go to Fit Au Max Lingerie.

2.) Get the best support bras for big sagging breasts.

Large breasts are heavier than smaller breasts, and they begin to sag sooner. A lace bra with lift and side support, on the other hand, can aid in the reduction of sagging. An underwire bra with full coverage may also provide lift while shaping the figure.

3.) Pick a few different designs to mix and match in her closet.

Don’t forget to give the gift of adaptability this holiday season. Try to imagine how difficult it was for you to locate the Fit Au Max collection at first. Now picture how she must feel when purchasing underwire bras for big breasts off the rack. She’s probably constantly gambling with her money, right?

So, give her some peace of mind. Combine a few pieces to let her mix and match with her wardrobe. Try bridal sets, bikini panties, thongs, and figure-flattering high-cuts for an elegant look. Her pleasure doesn’t have to come to an end as soon as the Christmas lights are switched off.