Every Day Wearing Lace Bras Is Worth It for These 3 Reasons

Consider a regular bra to be a single sort of bra: something “plain” with thick foam cups that are usually beige.

Here are the three most compelling reasons to wear lace as a bra fitter and someone who wears lace bras on a daily basis:

1. Lace Bras Tend to Fit Better

The harder a bra’s cup is to fit, the more rigid it is. Cup rigidity is already an established shape; if you’re not the same shape, the cups and your breasts will never match up correctly. Issues like the wire being unable to rest in the crease beneath your breast and the cup top gapping off your body, creating a distinct line below t-shirts are all typical problems.

The cups are more pliable and allow for a wider range of breast form and texture. The lace conforms to your particular form, while the seams and panels provide lift and structure than a firm, rigid cup. You’ll be more comfortable in your bra all day with a better fit, as well as not having to readjust or tug at it every 15 minutes.

Lace is also lighter and more breathable than other fabrics. Between the lift provided by the seams pulling your breast tissue away from your ribs’ skin and the more permeable material, your skin will dry up any perspiration much faster, which is always a good thing!

2. Lace Lasts Longer

Lace is commonly thought to be flimsy and unsupportive, despite the fact that the majority of what we encounter is low-quality. Because of the strength in the weave and construction, well-made lace will last years if properly cared for. Cups with more rigid cups can also stay for a long time because they are made of foam, but due to their hardness, they tend to lose shape over time.

Breast implants made of foam or other smooth materials are constructed from one piece of fabric, so the weight of your breasts will pull the cups down and destroy their lift. On the other hand, lace has less stretch in the cloth, to begin with, if any, and its seams aid in maintaining cup form and lift.

3. Lace Bras Are Prettier

To me, wearing lace bras is about making a statement. This may appear to be shallow on the surface, but it’s an important aspect of why I prefer lace. Aesthetics are very important to me and many others. It might be a little thing, but knowing you have something pretty on boosts your self-assurance throughout the day, especially because you know it fits well. Plain white bras have their uses, but as I always say, everyone will assume you’re wearing a bra regardless, so go ahead and wear the gorgeous ones instead

Lace isn’t the magic bullet for every bra, but I do think lace bras should be considered, even if you’re not a fan of it. You could just discover your perfect match in a bra that you wouldn’t have considered previously.

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