The 6 Most Comfortable Bras for Every Teenage Girl

The best part of every boob-having person’s day is coming home and removing their bra (followed closely by removing their pants). Because to this list, you’ll look forward to that moment considerably less because these super comfy bras are the closest you’ll get to not wearing a bra. I polled all of my pals — from 32B all the way up to DD cups–to choose the most comfortable bras they’ve ever worn; believe me, they had a lot to say.

From our breasts to yours, here are the most comfortable and supportive bras that every young woman should have in her drawer. They don’t gap or strain, and they don’t dig into your armpits — these are the greatest of the best, regardless of cup size.

Form Seamless V-Neck Wireless Bra

If you’re a front-hook wearer and can’t stand underwires, this no-wire bra is a godsend. You still get shaping and support, but without the irritating metal prods all day. It’s a win-win situation.

Siren T-Shirt Bra

Some lingerie designers seem to have forgotten that not everyone wants a push-up bra and that some of us were born without our own. Fortunately, this silky-soft T-shirt bra supports and lifts my 34Ds while being lightweight. And for the record, I’ve never worn a bra like this before, which is both attractive and comfortable.

24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra

SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK: NUDE. DOES. NOT. MEAN. WHITE. That’s why ThirdLove, the champions of the inclusive lingerie movement, offers hues for every skin tone (and also insanely comfy panties to match). This beloved half-cup bra exposes the goods in all their glory while also providing a fully customized fit thanks to ThirdLove’s famous half-cup sizes. It’s a timeless, everyday bra that you’ll keep buying on a regular basis (because apparently, that’s when they last six months).

Happiness Runs Crop

In 2022, I’ve advanced so far away from normal bras that I’m now wearing this bra-tank hybrid. The Happiness Runs Crop’s thick, extremely flexible, and sports bra-like construction keeps my 34Ds well confined and compressed. This baby doesn’t stretch out after many years, which is ideal for my routine of wearing the same outfit for a week.

Kayla Side Support Bra

Did you know that the majority of the assistance comes from your bra’s band? The wide-cut waistband of this Bare Necessities full-coverage option is a top choice for people with big busts. This means even more support. You’ll almost certainly be able to discover your size with a range that starts at DD and goes all the way up to N.

Ultimate Lightly-Lined Sports Bra

You’ve never worn a bra that was this light and soft. When I’m given the choice between going entirely braless and wearing this jersey knit, I always choose to wear the bra—so you can believe it’s excellent. However, keep in mind that the cut is more of a low-impact sports bra than a conventional one. Save this item for lazy days and yoga sessions.

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