The Best True Natural Beauty Products

All of us have our own individuality and personal taste when it comes to the varieties of beauty products available on the market today.  While some may rely on store bought products, others feel that the only true natural beauty products are those that are made from natural ingredients.

 True natural beauty products are made only with raw materials that are available in nature.  Botanical skin care products are made only with the highest quality botanicals available and nothing else.  The cucumber and tomato are used as the basis for bath products and are proving to be very popular.  Were it not for the fact that our atmosphere is becoming one of pollution, our natural environment would teem away and let these poor botanicals flourish.

One might think that the concoction of these botanicals in the form of expensive beauty products will bring forth the best effects.  But the truth is that just using these products will not promote the growth of your skin.  By providing the right environment (micro-porous, pH balanced and sterile environment) for the growth of these rare varieties of plants, our environment can become a haven for exotic botanical extracts, essential oils and natural butters.  The most popular of these botanicals are butters since they are easily accessible in form of butters and oils.

So, if one wants to have a judging touch of the natural goodness, they might as well come to think of the Butters- they are nothing but a mouthful of Butters!  Speaking of Butter, there is a wide variety of Butters toInteresting Body Butter, Bath Butter, and Hand Butter.  One has a myriad ofButters to fascinate them with.

The variety of Butters in the world today makes it inevitable that one will be generous withButters- just about any Butter will do, as long as it comes from a tree or grows in a field where there are quantities of them.  The world is Speak Painful, Butter is Oily, Butter isgreasy, Butter is sensitive to heat, and butter is (supposedly)a fat.

These Butter molecules, whatever shape they may take, will cross the barrier of the skin and remain sitting on the surface of the skin until dissolves.  Because of their membranes, they have a water propensity to them and this is what makes them sit on the skin until they are washed off, like a mucus membrane.

There are some people who areensitive to Butter, Butter, Creams and many such items. It is recommended that such people should either avoid Butter all together or just use something else.  Even though Butter is considered a natural ingredient, it is possible to have an allergic reaction to it.

Then, what is the problem?

The problem is not really a health related issue.  It is more of a “stomach related” type problem.  Here comes the issue of understanding the physical/chemical characteristics of Butter.  Butter is at equilibrium at pH 7.  The higher the pH, the more Butter with its protective properties is contained in a given product.

 pH adds to the Butter’s ability to keep from dissolving. Butter is water soluble and quenching on contact with water weakens its ability to keep. Likewise, high pH may cause Butter to loose some of its water-soluble properties.

As a result ofodium Butteringtonese a detergent, it is possible to have some allergic reactions to Butter. However, this is Oleic Acid, a natural anti-bacterial and antifungal; Shea Butter is a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

So, what is the right way to use Butter for a skin care regime?

Some organic or natural skin care companies use Butter in their daily regime simply because it is a cost-effective natural ingredient.  It really depends on how your hair and skin respond to Butter.  I really prefer organic companies who use Butter for this reason: they leave the chemical and synthetic components of the original animal/vesicle/owl, which gives them a longer shelf life.

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